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The Future of Sand is Here

Inspired by nature, perfected by Robo Silicon - RoboSand™ is an ideal substitute to river sand. It is manufactured just the way nature has done for over a million years. RoboSand™ is created by a rock-hit-rock crushing technique using state-of-the-art technology with plant & machinery from a world leader that operates in over 100 countries.

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All Concreting Works

It is the perfect substitute for river sand. The Product is manufactured as per IS 383-11970 specifications and confirms to zone-ii standards. The gradation cubical shape of the particle helps in producing good concrete of high compressive strength and greater durability in construction.


10 MM

PCC/RCC/Brick Industry/Tiles/Interlocking Pavement Blocks

It is an important component of concrete and helps in improving work-ability of the mix. It is suitable for site mixed and pumpable concrete used in ready mix concrete application. The compaction is very good and prevents in producing less voids in concrete.


20 MM

All Concreting Works/PCC/RCC

It is a key ingredient to produce cohesive concrete.The uniformly graded product with cubica shape ensures lower uncompacted voids. It is also referred to as coarse aggregates which are clean, hard, non-porous, free from lumps of clay, organic and vegetable matter.


0-2 MM

1st and Final Coat Plastering Works/Masonry Works (Brick Works)

The Product is produced to work for both bricklaying and plaster rendering works. It is specially graded 0 to 3 mm to avoid sieving at site and minimize wastages. The joints and the brick masonry are very strong and resistant to cracks. The plastering is non porous and even leading to saving in costs for both external and internal applications.