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Our Quarrying process typically begins with drilling and blasting the rock into smaller pieces.Bore holes are drilled in the blast site and filled with explosives. The blast breaks up into smaller pieces that are loaded and hauled to the plant.

The plant consists of three circuits namely primary circuit, secondary circuit and teritory circuit wherein a three stage crushing takes place. A 500mm downsize granite rock that is brought from the quarry via operations which involves drilling, blasting, seagragation,secondary breaking and transportation to the plant, is fed into the primary circuit consisting of one jaw crusher that sizes down the granite rock to produce 150mm down size aggregate. This 150mm downsize rock is fed into the secondary circuit consisting of one cone crusher to produce 40mm downsize aggregate which in turn fed into the teritory circuit consisting one vertical shaft impactor that produces sand and aggregate of the required gradation and shape.The installed capacity of the plant is 200 TPH(Tons/Hr) of Robosand and robo shaped aggregate of 20mm and 10mm size.

Quarry:Rock Excavation

Quarry:Rock Loading for Crusher

Raw Material Fed into Jaw Crusher<=500mm

Finished Products RobosandTM 10mm Robo Aggregates 20mm

Cone Crusher <=150mm

Filler to weigh Bridge