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Corporate Overview

RoboSandTMThe perfect substitute for river sand.

Robo Silicon Private Limited commenced operations in the year 2001 and is headquartered in Hyderabad, Telengana, India.

Robo Silicon, for the first time in India, introduced “manufactured sand”. It not only is the perfect substitute to the precious and fast depleting natural resource - river sand, but is also a viable, cost-effective and eco-friendly product.

RoboSand's unique properties - cubicle particle shape, consistent gradation and zero impurities - are the reasons that structural consultants and concrete technologists prefer to use our products.

Why Robo Silicon


RoboSand is economical than River Sand due to its abundant availability. Its cleanliness and better quality makes it preferable to use in concreting & plastering.

Environmental Friendly

Manufactured sand serves to the best alternative to natural sand and contribute in saving the river beds

Quality & Consistency

3 stage material with perfect particle shapes and gradation. All the material dispatched are as per ISO standards 383.


We have the best in house team for all the business related activities i.e. Quarrying, manufacturing, maintenance, logistics & sales.

Customer Delight

Focussed on customer delight and provide excellent customer support and meet all their requirements.



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Manufacturing Sand-A Perspective

Evolution of Fine Aggregate Industry in India

The attempts to produce crushed or manufactured sand in India could be traced to early 50's primarily in major dam works. The focus was on using different size reduction technques with available resources like rod mills, roller crushers, and cone crushers.

Technical Perspective

The use of manufactured sand as a replacement for the river sand is increasing with the ban of sand minining implemented by different states. The other factors are the general decline in the availability of river sand and pressure from active environmental groups to protect the nature.


Our Quarrying process typically begins with drilling and blasting the rock into smaller pieces.Bore holes are drilled in the blast site and filled with explosives. The blast breaks up into smaller pieces that are loaded and hauled to the plant.

Quality Testing

The seieve analysis tests are conducted on RoboSandTM 20mm and 10mm everyday on samples collected from conveyor belts, stock piles and loaded trucks.

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