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Health, Safety &Environment

With a vision to establish Robo as the largest, most respected,efficient and profitable producer of manufactured sand and its aggregates,Health, Safety & Environment(HSE) is a crucial aspect of all Robo's operations. Besides the necessary legal complainces, Robo's commitment to HSE demonstrates our value for human life and employ morale and professionalism.Our commitment is based on the fundamental belief that all work related injuries and illness are avoidable.

To combat occupational hazards, Robo believes in safework strategies. Our safety cultur is based on identification,prevention, hazard awareness, and complaince with carefully developed procedures that we continously measure and improve.

We believe that health and safety is an integral part of team work and requires lot of participation and commitment from all levels.We recognize relevant HSE systems as part of our standard operating procedures,with the intention to develop injury free worksites, thereby assisting us to achieve our business goals.

HSE Initiatives at Robo


Various HSE training programs are orgainzed, both in-house and external,thereby ensuring awareness and higher levels of competency amongst all our employees.

Safety Promotional Activity

As a part of safety awareness to review the existing HSE systems various safety promotional activities are carry out. This includes "National Safety Day", "Environment Day" , "Lock out tag out Day"


Safety systems and procedures are established in order to ensure safe working conditions.Safety audits are conducted at regular frequencies to monitor the complaince of these systems and create awareness within the company.

Environmental Initiatives

Robo understands the environmental impact and we ensure that we take various mitigating steps.

HSE Award and Recognition

To encourage the safe behaviour we have instituted the HSE award, a symbol of recognition and showing our commitment to HSE.

Safety Begins from Top

Our team is very comitted to health and safety of the employee and believes in the top down approach.